Friday, December 30, 2016

Favorite comments of '15: Rob Chametzky

On News flash: how interesting and curious you are also matters!

Rob Chametzky said...
Those interested in a "third-way": something that isn't either standard IQ-type intelligence (testing) or the 'non-cognitive skills' mentioned in your post should look at the work of Keith Stanovich and his collaborators on (evaluating) "rational thought". References (ones which I have electronic versions of) include

"Education for rational thought", M.Topiak, R.West, K.Stanovich, in Kirby, John R., and Lawson, Michael J., eds. Enhancing the Quality of Learning. West Nyack, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Rationality & the reflective mind,Stanovich, Oxford UP, 2011, especially Chapter 10, "The assessment of rational thought", Stanovich, West, Topiak.

"Intelligence and rationality," Stanovich, West, & Toplak, (2012).
In R. Sternberg and S. B. Kaufman (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of intelligence
(3rd Edition) (pp. 784-826). Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press.

"On the Distinction Between Rationality and Intelligence: Implications for Understanding Individual Differences in Reasoning," Stanovich, in The Oxford Handbook of Thinking & Reasoning, Holyoak & Morrison, eds., 2012.

What Intelligence Tests Miss: The psychology of rational thought, Stanovich, Yale UP, 2009.

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